Season Ticket payment methods

How to buy our Season Tickets

There are two payment method options for your Season Ticket.

Direct Debit – Automatic renewal

The easiest way to pay for your Season Ticket is by Direct Debit. You can choose this option if you buy online and also if you buy over the phone with our Season Ticket team.

Choosing Direct Debit means your ticket will simply automatically renew and there’s no risk of the ticket being cancelled and you not being able to park. You can of course cancel your Season Ticket anytime yourself if your circumstances change.

Credit/Debit card – Manual renewal

You can also choose to pay manually with your Debit or credit card. This will be a one off payment for one ticket for the period chosen e.g. a month. 


Renewing your ticket

Just before your Season Ticket period comes to an end, we’ll send you a reminder to renew as follows:

  • Monthly ticket period – 3 weeks prior to renewal
  • Quarterly ticket period – 6 weeks prior to renewal
  • Annual ticket period – 7 weeks prior to renewal

If you’re paying by Direct Debit we’ll charge you automatically according to the agreed terms on your ticket and you need do nothing.

If you chose to pay manually, you’ll have to remember to renew your ticket at the end of every period by calling us or paying online using the details on the renewal invoice.

If you have any questions on buying tickets please call 0161 817 8960, or for renewals please email [email protected].


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