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We have a proud history of working with various charities as a business including The Princes Trust and local childrens hospitals across the UK. Local fundraising in our communities along with annual business sponsored event initiatives (including selected individuals walking The Great Wall of China and Macchu Pichu) have raised sizeable funds as well as generating awareness for our charity partners.

Our current partner is Chasing the Stigma, a national charity committed to normalising mental health and making it easier for anyone to access relevant, local help and support. CTS Logo

Chasing the Stigma 

Chasing the Stigma was set up by Liverpool comedian, Jake Mills following his own suicide attempt in October 2013. Jake realised when talking through his own personal experience that many people didn’t know where to turn within their own mental health issues, so Jake and his team created the Hub of Hope – an app to bring together all of the mental health support available to someone in any given area.

Why Chasing the Stigma?

During lockdown, NCP engaged with our employees to understand the mood and wellbeing of our workforce, both those who were furloughed and those working remotely. From the feedback it was clear that mental health was a priority for colleagues and it was felt the organisation should make supporting staff a priority by running a variety of holistic mental health and wellbeing programmes to help everyone recognise, understand and look after their own mental health, and that of their teams, as they would their physical health.

Given the demanding nature of the past 12 months, NCP decided to partner with Chasing the CTS Make a Change Stigma, to help get the great work the charity accomplishes recognised across a wider audience by utilising its nationwide car parks.  

Ania Lesniak, Chief People Officer at NCP, commented: “After the year we have had, ensuring the wellbeing of our workforce has never been more important. Partnering with Chasing the Stigma was the next step for us as it aligned with our internal priorities, particularly as the charity has the Hub of Hope app which is free and would benefit anyone who needed mental health support.”

The partnership between NCP and Chasing the Stigma is going to be reflected internally to the organisation's employees and also target the 28 million customers who use the car parks. Many of the NCP car parks will have Chasing the Stigma posters signposting anyone who needs help to the Hub of Hope. Some of the car park tickets will also have signposting details.

As Chasing the Stigma is a charity, it relies heavily on donations from the public and all money goes towards expanding the charity to ensure everyone across the UK has access to mental health support not just at crisis point, but whenever they need it.

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