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Save money on your parking with NCP. We regularly host sales, flash promotions and special products for city parking, airport parking and event parking.

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Current discounts and promotions:


  • At least 10% off tariff price when you register for ParkPass. Find out more.


  • Up to 70% off tariff price when you buy a Season Ticket. Find out more. Find out more.


  • A further 10% off the pre-book price with NCP Membership. Find out more.







  • £12 for up to 6 hours parking at 27 central London car parks. Find out more.


  • £12 for up to 12 hours weekend parking at 11 London car parks. Find out more.


  • £12 Theatre parking in London - up to 6 hours on an evening. Find out more.



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1. If you're lucky enough to have recieved a unique promo code, you can redeem your discount by entering the code into one of our many website booking forms

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2. Don't worry if you forget to enter your promo code at the start of your search. You can also redeem discounts at the checkout

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3. If a discount code isn't working, please check the terms and conditions to ensure it is valid for your selected car park and dates/times

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