Management team

Hiroyasu Matsui - Chairman, Co-CEO and CCO

Hiroyasu Matsui joined PARK24 Co. Ltd in 2015 as a General Manager in Planning division and shortly after became the director of Times Innovation Capital Co,Ltd. In 2016, Hiroyasu was promoted as the Corporate Officer and led the acquisition of Secure Parking group in January 2017 and NCP in August the same year. He was appointed as Chairman of NCP and overseas all businesses within the group outside of Japan.

Hiroyasu has a wealth of experience in Investment Banking sector for more than 20 years, in particular corporate financing and M&A prior to joining PARK24 Group.      


Rob England - Co-CEO and COO

Rob England joined NCP as a Head of Operations in 2010 before moving into the role Director of Operations Leased Services in 2018. In 2019, Rob joined NCP’s executive committee, being promoted to Chief of Operations Leased Services, and subsequently being responsible for the long-term business planning and performance at director level. In August 2020, NCP merged the Leased Services and Managed Services into one, under Rob as Chief Operating Officer. Rob became Co-CEO of NCP in December 2021 after helping lead the business through the COVID pandemic and is now responsible for the operational success of NCP. 

Rob’s experience prior to joining NCP includes roles within major blue-chip companies giving him vast retail experience across a large range of household brands.


Hideyuki Nagahiro – CFO,  CTO and CRLO

Hideyuki Nagahiro joined NCP’s Board of Directors in February 2018 when NCP was bought by PARK24 and the Development Bank of Japan Limited (DBJ).

In October 2018, he became the Chief Financial Officer for the business, taking responsibility for property finance, revenue accounting, financial reporting and tax matters.  Hideyuki has a wealth of experience in commercial banking at an international level across Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. He was one of the founding executives of a UK subsidiary of DBJ and played a major role in establishing a presence in London and Europe.

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