How to use our Season Tickets

How to buy our Season Tickets

An NCP Season Ticket is a convenient and simple way to pay for parking on a frequent basis. Depending on the car park type your Season Ticket is valid for, you’ll use a different method to enter and park, so we can easily recognise you when you stay with us.

Entry methods to our car park types differ, and our Season Tickets come in different formats so you’re able to enter and park easily, and we’re able to monitor car park usage and authenticate your vehicle and Season Ticket where required.


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Barrier car parks

If your Season Ticket is for a car park with barrier access, scan your QR code at entry and exit at the barrier. You will not receive a physical paper ticket or permit.

Pay and Display car parks and Ticketless ANPR car parks

If your Season Ticket is for a Pay and Display car park or a Ticketless ANPR car park, and you bought your ticket online or via the NCP App, you can enter and exit the car park with no need to use the app again. We’ll add your Season Ticket details to our ANPR system. Your vehicle will be recognised automatically by our ANPR cameras when you enter and leave the car park and will validate your account against your vehicle registration. 



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