People's Parking Award

What is the People's Parking Award?

The People’s Parking award is an accreditation scheme that highlights car parks which have facilities avaliable for disabled people, parents with children, people who drive electric vehicles, those who drive light commercial vehicles/camper vans, and those who drive from wheelchair accessible vehicles, plus many other facilities and information about nearby services (i.e. shopping centres, railway stations, tourist attractions etc).

NCP has been working in partnership with People’s Parking Ltd since 2016 to offer a better parking experience to our customers by introducing consistent standards across our car parks which meets the accreditation scheme criteria.  We’re delighted that we have over 300 car parks that have been accredited with the People’s Parking Award currently.

How do you benefit from parking at an NCP car park that has been accredited with this award?

Customers can park with confidence in the knowledge that our car parks standards comply with an independent scheme and that the following apply:

Each car park meets all the general standards set out by the People’s Parking Ltd including:

  • Good customer signage
  • Well managed car park
  • Clean
  • Safely lit
  • Designated bays enforced
  • Safe pedestrian access

95% of NCP operational managers and front-line members of staff have received expert training on disability from the People’s Parking Ltd which means as a business, we can be more aware of all disabilities including hidden disabilities and how we can recognise and assist if required. Also, we are able to make improvements to our car parks and standards, therefore earning more accreditations and making the customer journey better for everyone.

Each car park has signage which confirms the accreditations that apply. You can also search on the People’s Parking website which lists the full accreditations for car parks in your area or in an area you may wish to visit. 

Accreditations include:

  • Accessibility for disabled people
  • Electric charging points
  • Family friendly
  • Convenient for commuters
  • Pay-by-phone option
  • For the full list, please visit People's Parking website

To find out which car parks have been awarded, search for a car park and you’ll find the relevant car park information under the Car Park features section.

A market leader in accessible parking

NCP is focused on becoming the UK market leader in accessible parking. Our plan is to continue to work in close partnership with People’s Parking Ltd to help us achieve this and and continue to improve the standards in our car parks, in 2020 we pledged to submit a further 100 car parks for accreditation, which we have already achieved and surpassed.The journey doesn’t just end at receiving the award, we will continue to improve and maintain standards with the support of People’s Parking Ltd and review comments received from their audits. 

Our aim is to ensure that as we add new car parks in new locations, as a customer you can park confidently in the knowledge that a consistent set of standards and accreditation is being achieved.

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