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Parking in York

Full of world class attractions, unique sights, Michelin starred restaurants and some of the best boutique shopping you’ll find anywhere in the UK, the historic city of York is an absolute delight. It’s easy to get around too, thanks to conveniently located York parking from NCP that you can pre-book in advance. 

Leave your car at our popular car park in Tanner Row, or head out to explore Mickelgate and the city’s fabulously preserved Roman walls from Queen Street car park. York offers something for everyone of all ages, from the ghoulish Dungeon to the interactive delights of the Jorvik Viking Centre. And with pre-bookable spaces available at York NCP car parks, it’s easy to park right in the centre of the city, even during the busiest times of the year.


Points of Interest

York manages to pack a lot into a little bit of space, all wrapped up with those amazing Roman walls that surround the city. The Minster is one of the finest cathedrals in the country, while everyone will adore the tasty treats on offer at York’s Chocolate Story. From dark dungeons to Vikings and Romans, it’s all here in York. You’ve got plenty of parking options too, all of which are close to the main attractions. So leave your car in one of York’s NCP car parks, and you can jump feet first into the city’s historic past without having to walk too far.

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Marker for York Piccadilly York Piccadilly 6  0 NCP App
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Marker for York Tanner Row York Tanner Row 257  4 Buy NCP App
Name York Piccadilly
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Name York Coppergate 2
Spaces 5 0
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Name York Barbican Road
Spaces 28 0
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Name York Station South
Spaces 135 1
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Name York Tanner Row
Spaces 257 4
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Attraction & event parking in York

York Minster parking

York Minster

Leave your car at York Tanner Row car park and you’re within easy walking distance of York Minster. Dating back to the 8th century, the Minster is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. The dazzling colours in its 12th century stained glass are breathtaking, especially when the sun shines through its fabulous Rose window. 

York Jorvik Viking Museum parking

The Jorvik Centre

York was home for the Vikings in Britain, and the Jorvik centre captures the spirit (right down to the smells) of an early Viking settlement. Park close by at either Queen Street or Tanner Row car parks and take the kids to see the interactive displays and lifelike models that bring the Vikings in York back to life. 

York Dungeon parking

York Dungeon

York Dungeon is a creepy, spooky attraction filled with fascinating information about some of the city’s most notorious sons and daughters. The blood-curdling screams may make you jump, but when it comes to parking close to York Dungeon, NCP makes it a pleasure, not a nightmare. York Tanner Row is your closest NCP car park.

York Castle parking

York Castle Museum

Leave your car at the conveniently close NCP Queen Street car park and head to this award-winning museum, where costumed actors take you on a guided tour. The museum is built on the site of a prison and you can even see the cell where the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin spent his final days.

York National Railway Museum parking

National Railway Museum

Park the car at Tanner Row and go full steam ahead to the National Railway Museum, the largest railway museum in the world. You’ll be chuffed to see steam locomotives and engines, all documenting the history of the railways from Stephenson’s Rocket through to modern-day trains. And what’s more, it’s free. Booking your parking space ahead can save you time and money too, making a day out at the museum fun and affordable.

York Maze parking

York Maze

Tanner Row car park and enjoy a great afternoon’s entertainment for the whole family. Will you find the centre of the maze? And more importantly, will you find your way back out again?

York City Walls parking

The City Walls

York is surrounded by some of the best-preserved Roman walls in the country. Pre-book a space at NCP’s Queen Street car park and save time and money on parking that puts you right in the heart of the city. Don’t forget to include a stop off at the ancient Mickelgate Bar – one of the city’s ancient gateways. Throughout the summer, walks around the walls take you on a journey through York’s history, from Roman times right up to the modern day. You can loop all the way round and end up back where you started, just a few steps from Queen Street car park.

York Chocolate Story parking

York Chocolate Story

What a delicious way to end our tour of York – with some chocolate. York is home to some of the country’s favourite confections, and has been a centre for chocolate making for over 300 years. York Chocolate Story tells you all about the history of chocolate making in the city. Make sure there’s plenty of room in the boot of your car for all those sweet treats. Tanner Row NCP car park is close by, and with pre-bookable places it’s easy to save time and money on your parking. That means you can buy even more chocolate goodies as a sweet memory of your visit. 

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