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Parking for Nottingham Castle

If you know your Robin Hood legends, you’ll know that Nottingham Castle features heavily in the stories. Overlooking the historic city of Nottingham, Nottingham Castle is an impressive construction, built in the 17th Century and the scene of the start of the English Civil War. After being completely destroyed and rebuilt as a ducal mansion in the late 1600s, the 19th Century saw it finally converted into an astonishing museum. Today, visitors can see the beautiful artworks on display and take a guided tour of the subterranean tunnels and passages that hide under its stone floors.

Map of Nottingham St James Street

With no onsite car parking, finding a space to park your car close to Nottingham Castle can prove to be a problem. With almost 500 spaces, our Nottingham St James Street offers a convenient parking solution. Less than five minutes' walk from the castle, pre-booking your car parking space at our Nottingham St James Street car park offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Saving money on our ‘pay for the day’ rates
  • A guaranteed car park space
  • Dedicated parking for disabled drivers

IIn addition to the spectacular castle, there are some six acres of beautiful grounds to explore. With a medieval-style playground for children and a picnic area for those who want to soak up the scenery, it’s an ideal day out for the whole family. Find out more about Nottingham Castle.

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