What do I do if my Season Ticket does not arrive in time for my requested start date?

Your Season Ticket can take up to 7 days to arrive following us receiving your payment. If you don't receive your Season Ticket before your requested start date, you need to follow the advice below which depends on the type of car park your Season Ticket is for. 

  • Season Tickets at car parks with entry/exit barriers: Please  email [email protected] on the day your Season Ticket is due to start. We'll then be able to update our systems. When you need to park, enter in the normal way, but do not pay for your parking. Instead, on exit at the barrier, push the assistance button so we can raise the barrier to allow you to exit.
  • Season Tickets at Pay and Display car parks (no entry/exit barriers): Please continue to pay for your parking as normal, ensuring you keep the receipts. Once your Season Ticket arrives, scan and email these receipts to [email protected] and we'll refund you the relevant value.