Product Features

 Flexible products

The following product types can be amended, cancelled or refunded up to 24 CarCouplehours before arrival in your selected car park:

  • Flex products
  • Saver products
  • Saver Plus products
  • Advantage products (excluding Advantage Plus)
  • Premier Event products (available at Manchester Arena only)
  • Meet & Greet products

Our Flex Plus and Advantage Plus products give you the ability to amend, cancel or refund your booking up to 2 hours before your arrival to the car park.

Non flexible products

Some of our products are not flexible and cannot be amended, cancelled or Family parkingrefunded once booked. These are:

  • Supersaver products
  • Early Bird products
  • Evening products
  • Weekend products

Standard pre-book products

Pre-book products are flexible and can be amended, cancelled or refunded up to 24 hours before arrival in your selected car park. Should you purchase your pre-book product within 2 days of your booking start date you can amend, cancel or refund up to 12 hours before arrival. 

BusinessLady 1Advantage Parking products

Our airport Advantage Parking products provide you with a dedicated space ideally positioned in the car park so that your journey from the car park to your terminal is as smooth as possible. 

Meet & Greet products

Our Meet & Greet airport service is a simple parking solution to make your journey through the car park is as easy as possible. We park your car on the airport while you’re away. On your return we’ll make sure your vehicle will be ready for collection.

Early Bird products

Our Early Bird products offer you the cheapest rates available at our airport car parks when you book early. These products cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded once bought, however if you have booked an Early Bird product for Heathrow, you can cancel your booking, but cannot amend or refund it.

Special products

Occasionaly we offer you some great one-off rates that are available for a limited time and subject to availability. You'll find all the relevant information about these products within the relevant product bullet points on the price comparison page. 

Car Park BarrierCredit and debit card fees

We do not charge debit card fees when you make a purchase online. There may be some instances where credit card fees apply. Where no credit card fees apply, this will be stated in the product information.

Entry and exit information

Most of our pre-booked products will allow for one entry and one exit only. Some of our premium products will allow for multiple entries and exits and if this is the case it will be clearly stated in the product features. 

Overstay information

If you overstay in the car park you’ll be liable for an additional charge.  The amount you’ll be charged will be based on the tariff board applicable to your car park. 

Distance to terminal

Some of our airports run courtesy shuttle buses. The distance to the terminal building is highlighted in the distance column on the price comparison page. For more information about shuttle bus services that run from your selected car park, click on the car park features link on the previous page.

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