NCP staff testimonials

Featured below we have a handful of testimonials from NCP staff in varying roles around the country, we will be regularly updating this page so please check back.

"I've worked for NCP for 8 years and started as a frontline colleague. I progressed to a Team Leader position after studying on the ILM programme. This qualification gave me the opportunity to look at my career from a different perspective.

Every day is different at NCP. You meet a variety of people and you need to be adaptable and think on your feet. But there is always someone to help, team work at NCP is second to none.

My next step up the career ladder will be cluster manager and I know I will be supported by NCP to reach this position".


"It's a great company to work for and I have a job that I really enjoy. I work with lots of different people and I have enjoyed interacting with customers from different parts of the country and from abroad. In December 2012, I was awarded a Heroes prize, which was to see Mumfords & Sons at Manchester Arena. I was given free overnight stay and treated as a VIP with a free bar.

The company offers career progression and I am currently applying for positions to achieve this. I have even recommended the company to my friends and one now works for NCP".


"I have been working with NCP for over 2 years and every day still presents something new, you never know what the day will hold as you are always interacting with the public. The work is both interesting and rewarding when you  receive the customer recognition for what you do.

There is good communication as the managers ensure that you are kept up to date and take time to speak to everyone, it really feels like we are all one big team".


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