Keeping you and our staff safe in our car parks during the Coronavirus crisis

During these difficult times, we’re operating a number of car parks, so your safety and that of our frontline colleagues is of paramount importance. To maintain safety standards, we have amended some of our normal practices at our city and airport locations accordingly:

City car park operations

  • Lifts in our English city based car parks will be unavailable for customer use for safety reasons.
  • Please note, if you wish to use lifts where they operate, you’ll need to ensure that you follow Government advice and be responsible for wearing a face covering, washing your hands before and after coming into contact with any surfaces and maintaining social distancing guidelines at all times.  We recommend for everyone’s safety that only one person uses the lift at a time. Lifts will be cleaned periodically using anti-bacterial cleaning products.
  • Our frontline colleagues have been issued with their own protective clothing (PPE) and may wear googles/face masks. Please don’t be alarmed as this is a common response currently and helps keep you and our staff safe.
  • Our frontline colleagues are also observing social distancing. We ask and encourage you to do the same by respecting the 2m rule. To remind you, we’ve installed signs (see examples below) in key locations in the car park. If you meet our frontline colleagues when you visit our car park, they may ask you to step back or if you need assistance, wear extra PPE for everyone’s safety.

Car Park Guidelines

  • Whilst in the car park, it’s important you remember and follow all the advice given by the Government inclusive of any Public Health guidance at this time
  • We’re not accepting cash either by hand or at pay machines and encouraging contactless payments at pay machines and at exit barriers. 
  • Alternatively, at city car parks we recommend you use mobile payments to make your parking journey contactless. Download our ParkPass App at and you can enjoy 10% off your parking for the first month amongst other benefits. If our App isn’t accepted at a car park, you can pay for parking via PayByPhone (
  • We’re committed to keeping the car parks clean and tidy and our frontline colleagues will be wiping down surfaces you’re likely to come into with contact with using anti-bacterial products.


Airport car park operations

Our airport car parks have additional operational changes different to our usual procedures. These are all designed with everyone’s safety in mind, and may add time to your journey, so please bear that in mind.

Many of our airport car parks are within walking distance to the terminals, so if you prefer a vehicle-free transfer to the airport please check the transfer advice for the car park you’ve selected.

Airport vehicle transfers

Where our transfer vehicles are operating, they are sanitised after each trip is completed ready for the next group of passengers. We’ve also implemented the below changes which you should be aware of before booking:

  • Queuing: If you’re queuing on one of our shelters or Customer Service cabins, please ensure wherever possible you adhere to the 2m rule or 1m+ if you are wearing a face covering, following all required government guidelines
  • Transfer vehicles:  These may have additional measures installed e.g. perspex divider screens and drivers may be wearing full PPE
  • Boarding and exiting: Please ensure that you follow the driver’s instructions with regards to entering and exiting the transfer vehicle. This may be different to normal e.g. using doors at the rear of the vehicle as well as the side
  • Luggage: The driver will no longer exit the vehicle to assist with your luggage, please follow the driver’s instructions to ensure the correct storage of luggage
  • Face coverings: As on public transport, we expect you to bring your own face covering and wear this while on our transfer vehicles. We will not be able to supply additional coverings
  • Vehicle capacity: We may not fill the vehicle to its capacity on each journey. This is to ensure sufficient social distancing, and may result in longer than advertised transfer times and / or frequencies
  • If you’re a customer who usually requires extra assistance, or think that any of the above will mean you now do, please contact us to ensure that we can provide the appropriate assistance under our adapted operations

If you’re using our Valet parking, there are some operational changes you may see for your protection that include:

  • When parking, you’ll be directed to park in a space a sufficient distance away from other vehicles. Please follow instructions from our staff or any signage on arrival
  • Please remain in your vehicle until instructed by one of our team
  • Our Customer cabin and valet staff will have protection measures including PPE equipment and perspex screens
  • We’ll sanitise your car keys when you hand them over, and also on your return before they’re handed back to you
  • When we move your vehicle to its storage location, we’ll use a kit to cover the seat, steering wheel and handbrake. We’ll also sanitise all touch points with an Anti-Bacterial wipe/product and /or complete a fogging activity. Please let us know if you have any allergies to these types of product
  • On return from your trip please go straight to your vehicle, not the Customer cabin. Please call us so we can meet you at your vehicle to complete all the necessary paperwork. We’ll remove the protection kit and clean the car touch points again before you drive off


As lockdown rules change, we’ll continually review our approach to ensure we’re adhering to the latest advice from the Government and any local Public Health guidance. This may result in changes being implemented without warning or short notice, so please bear with us.

Finally, our Customer Contact Centre (CCC) is available 24/7 but if you’re looking for a quick answer to our most popular questions, visit our help centre.

We hope you’ve found this helpful. Remember to check this page for any updates and the latest information.


Correct as at 5 January 2021

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