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Do you have an underutilised parcel of land?  Have you considered using it for car parking?

If you’d like a secure, regular payment from a trusted brand, NCP can have a car park up and running on your land in as little as 7 days.


Introducing NCP Commercial Services

NCP Commercial Services provides landlords across the UK with bespoke partnerships which fully utilise assets and generate optimum, regular income.

We offer flexible contracts that can help landlords navigate the challenging economic environment that has become the norm over the last few years, and that can mitigate for any unforeseen circumstances. 

We are currently actively seeking opportunities to help us rapidly expand our parking network across the UK.

Why choose NCP Commercial Services?

New Sites Process

  • Owned by Park24, the largest parking operator group in the world
  • Flexible contract type and terms
  • Accelerated mobilisation, from contact to operating in as little as 7 days
  • Financial stability and secure rental payments to all new contracts
  • Focus on new business with site owners across the UK
  • Low risk, stable partnerships
  • No site is too big or too small: We operate a variety of properties from smaller commercial premises and work spaces, to larger retail parks and airports
  • We cover the whole of the UK, ensuring that wherever you are based, your site will be effectively monetised
  • Our expert, highly-trained team ensure we provide a first class, one-stop-shop service, tailor-made to suit each individual client’s needs, ensuring premium efficiency and value for your estate
  • Awareness of the NCP brand attracts increased footfall which maximises potential revenue and creates sustainable growth
  • NCP Commercial Services is the UK commercial arm of Park24 and is a separate business from NCP
  • Proven track record in partnering with landlords to generate sustainable income

“As a council we have been reviewing our portfolio with a view of increasing income and streamlining our operations for some time. We contacted NCP Commercial Services Ltd as they’re one of the most reputable private parking providers nationally. We quickly received a reply, followed by a visit to assess the situation and had a meeting to discuss it.  As a consequence (and again, very promptly), solutions were professionally presented and a recommendation proffered. This information was presented to the full Council at its November 2021 meeting. The proposal was met with a very positive response from Council members and the plan will now go to a detailed discussion and approval.  Collectively, we have been impressed with the professional, timely and courteous way that NCP Commercial Services Ltd has produced a solution to our parking problem. The company and the individual members responsible have been exemplary and we’d like to express our thanks and excitement about our future partnership.”

“We had an issue with regular unwarranted parking at our site. A discussion with NCP Commercial Services Ltd was welcomed and it soon transpired that our spaces were underused and could in fact be monetised. A professional solution was presented, and a lucrative offer followed.  The staff were always timely, factual and transparent which resulted in a very smooth transition from first contact to now. We as a team are pleased with the result and have since benefited from increased income.”


Delivering success with NCP Commercial Services 

We’ve opened over 50 sites in 2021 and are on track to open 300 more by 2023

Best of all, we do all the work. You can just sit back and accelerate your income.

So, what are you waiting for?


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