NCP Affiliate Program

BusinessLadyOur partnership with Affilinet ensures that every booking made as a result of your referral will earn you commission. We regularly offer exclusive parking deals and also offer a suite of marketing tools to ensure you have everything you need to drive your sales.

Benefits of our program:

  • Our program is free to join
  • You’ll earn commission on all valid bookings that you generate
  • With car parks in towns, cities and airports we have over 250 car parks for you to promote and earn commission
  • We have a range of marketing tools to help you promote our products and maximise your potential commission

We currently offer three Affiliate programs:

City Centre – This program allows you to promote our city centre pre-book sites and earn commission on the bookings you generate.

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Airports – This program allows you to earn commission on the bookings you generate for introducing customer to our airport pre-book spaces.

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Season Tickets – This program allows you to earn commissions for the Season Ticket sales you generate across our city centre car parks.

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