Our Ticketless ANPR car parks

Our Ticketless ANPR locations are located across the country. These car parks will be described as ‘AutoPay enabled’ in the ParkPass App.

What does a ‘ticketless’ car park mean?

Our ticketless car parks operate using an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. This means that your vehicle registration number is captured when you drive in and out of the car park. This allows us to accurately know your arrival and departure time in the car park. It also means we don’t need entry and exit barriers, so we’ve removed these at ticketless sites to speed up everyones journey. Payment is ticketless, using your registration number instead, to search for your vehicle and parking session cost.

What are the benefits of our Ticketless ANPR car parks?

  • Our new ANPR camera system captures your vehicle registration number on entry and exit so you only pay for the time you stay with us
  • No risk of over-paying for your parking session
  • You don’t need to take a ticket on entry, carry one around with you or use one to pay
  • You can choose from a range of payment options depending on your parking needs, including fully automated payments with AutoPay via ParkPass App

How to pay for parking

Choose from the following payment options:

  • AutoPay – most convenient way to pay, with full automatic recognition and payment via our ParkPass App
  • Pay Later online – perfect if you don’t have the time or means to pay in the car park
  • Pay in car park – best for your first visit to the car park if you don’t know your plans

Available at most but not all locations:

  • Pre-book – best if you want to guarantee a space in advance for a great price
  • Season Ticket – best price for daily parking, available at selected sites

Please search for your car park name to check availability. 


To use this option you must have a ParkPass App account (including payment details) with AutoPay enabled, before you drive out:

  1. Register for a ParkPass App account 
  2. Enable AutoPay for the vehicle you have parked


Pay later online

Pay Later parking option

You must drive out the car park first to use this online payment option. After your vehicle has exited the car park, Visit Enter and search for your vehicle registration number.

Ticketless license plate view

The system will find your licence plate and also know when you arrived with us and therefore charge you the standard tariff band corresponding to the time you’ve stayed with us.

You’ll be shown details of your parking session for your vehicle. Select to pay for the session.

Pay using your debit/credit card and request a receipt if you need one. You must pay within 24 hours of driving out the car park.

Please note: our Pay Later functionality is not compatible with older internet browsers like Internet Explorer. Pay Later does work with most current browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Please remember to pay later

If you choose to ‘Pay Later’, you won’t receive a reminder from NCP to pay. We don’t have your contact details in relation to your parking session, only your vehicle registration number. If you forget to pay within 24 hours, you’ll be liable to receive a Parking Charge Notice, so it’s important you set yourself a reminder to pay if you choose to Pay Later online.

Pay in car park

Pay in car park

To use this option:

1. Find a pay machine in the car park at the end of your stay, and enter and search for your vehicle registration number.

Ticketless license plate view

2. The system will find your licence plate and also know when you arrived with us and therefore charge you only for the tariff band corresponding to the time you’ve stayed with us.

3. You’ll be shown details of your parking session for your vehicle. Select to pay for the session.

Ticketless parking session view

4. Pay using your debit/credit card and request a receipt if you need one. Sorry, we don’t accept cash.

Pre-book online

Pre-book parking

You’ll also be able to use our online Pre-book product at most Ticketless ANPR car parks, to guarantee you a space and a great price.

Customers who have pre-booked at a Ticketless ANPR car park must ensure that the vehicle registration number (VRN) in their booking confirmation is for the vehicle they’re parking. Our ANPR cameras will recognise and verify your VRN when you park.

On arrival, pre-booked customers can drive straight in and find a space to park. There’s no need to take a ticket or display anything in your vehicle. When you’re ready to leave, just drive out.

Stayed longer than your booked time? Please visit the pay machine, enter your VRN and pay the amount showing (the price for the additional time you’ve parked).

Season Tickets

Season Tickets can be bought monthly, quarterly or annually for most of our car parks. Search for a car park and check the payment options. Season Tickets are accepted where indicated by a yellow ‘Buy a Season Ticket’ button.

Season Ticket

Frequently asked questions

Why is my Saver Deal not going to be available on the ParkPass Card anymore?

We’re improving the parking equipment across our Manchester car parks to make your journeys easier. The new technology behind the equipment has been designed to work with our ParkPass App so we can offer the best parking experience for you. Unfortunately, the ParkPass Card is not compatible with the new technology once it launches in each car park, and so will not be accepted after this point.

Can I still use the ParkPass Card?

The ParkPass Card cannot be used in Manchester locations after new technology launches. For the best parking experience please use the ParkPass App as the card will be phased out in the near future.

How will I know when to switch from using the ParkPass Card to the ParkPass App?

All of our ParkPass enabled Manchester car parks switched to the new technology in February 2021. The main change you’ll notice in the car park is the removal of entry and exit barriers, and the installation of ANPR cameras. Now the barriers are removed, you’ll need to start paying using the app and if you want to enjoy any Saver Deal pricing you’re eligible for. 

Please check the proposed dates for where your Saver Deal is valid and where you want to park and have your app account registered, with your SaverID added and your vehicle enabled for AutoPay in advance of the date.

Why do I need to pay with AutoPay?

Our new technology is designed to give you the best parking experience. Paying with the ParkPass App at our Manchester car parks uses the AutoPay feature in the app. Our ANPR cameras will record your vehicle entry and exit and charge you accordingly for the time you’ve stayed with us. No need for a ticket or to scan barcodes anymore. This means we can automatically recognise you when you park with us and charge your account when you leave, for a convenient and contact-free parking journey in and out the car park.

What if I forget to register my account on the ParkPass App?

If you don’t have a valid ParkPass App account when you leave the car park, we won’t be able to validate your vehicle registration number against your account to charge you for your stay. This means you won’t have paid for your parking, but you can use one of the other payment methods available to avoid a PCN.

Can I create a ParkPass App account after I’ve entered a Ticketless ANPR car park and still pay?

Yes. In Ticketless ANPR car parks, so long as you have a valid ParkPass App account, with the vehicle parked enabled for AutoPay in the app, before you drive out the car park, you can pay using AutoPay. This is in Manchester only as we’ll be able to match the vehicle registration number on your account with the one you parked from our ANPR cameras. Please ensure you’re parking a vehicle enabled for AutoPay in your account.

Please note: if you want to pay your Saver Deal price, you’ll have to add the SaverID to your app account before you enter the car park, otherwise you’ll be charged the standard pricing. 

I forgot my mobile device. How do I pay for parking?

Once the barriers have been removed, you can still pay using AutoPay even if you don’t have your mobile device on you. So long as your ParkPass App account is live and registered, has a valid payment method, the parked vehicle is enabled for AutoPay and a SaverID added (if applicable), we’ll be able to recognise and charge you accordingly.

How can I check that you’ve charged me using AutoPay?

When you park with AutoPay, we’ll email your VAT receipt to you after you’ve left the car park where you can check the parking details. You can also see your previous AutoPay parking history in the app main menu under parking sessions. These will only show in the ‘Expired’ section, once you’ve driven out the car park.

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