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A Saver Deal is a special rate which we've agreed with your organisation which you'll enjoy a specific car parks(s). If you've been given a Saver ID / Activation code, and you register with these details to activate the Saver Deal.

Please note we’re experiencing a delay in card delivery currently. It will take up to 10 working days for you to receive your card after you’ve registered. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

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To register an account with a Saver Deal you must enter your Saver ID in stage 4 of registration

What is NCP ParkPass Card?

NCP ParkPass Card is the convenient way for Saver ID customers to pay for parking. It’s an account based payment option, designed to help Saver ID account holders enjoy quick, automatic cashless payments


Who is NCP ParkPass Card for?

Anyone who has a special Saver Deal ID for local NCP parking


Additional 10% off  for new Saver ID customers

All new Saver ID customers signing up for an NCP ParkPass Card account will also receive a 10% discount for one month after registering. The discount is valid at selected participating ParkPass car parks


NCP ParkPass Card offers you:


ParkPass car icon Discounted parking: Your special Saver Deal at a local car park(s) when you validate your new Saver ID


ParkPass customer iconPersonal online account: Your NCP ParkPass Card automatically calculates the cost of your parking stay when you use it to exit the car park, debiting your registered account


ParkPass tick iconCashless payments: No need to carry cash or go to the pay machines Ensure you have enough funds and a valid credit/debit card registered to pay for your parking session


ParkPass card iconNCP ParkPass card: Allows entry and exit to selected car parks.  Parking payments are calculated and processed automatically


Get the most out of NCP ParkPass Card

Do remember to:

BHX Tick Take your NCP ParkPass Card with you every time you park at your local car park (otherwise you’ll pay full tariff and won’t enjoy your Saver Deal rate)

BHX Tick Only insert your NCP ParkPass card at the barriers on entry and exit nowhere else

BHX Tick Ensure your NCP ParkPass Card account has funds to cover your parking cost

Don't do the following:

cross Press the button or take a paper ticket at the entry barrier (otherwise you’ll pay full tariff)

cross Use your NCP ParkPass Card in any payment machine

cross Forget your NCP ParkPass Card when parking at NCP, you can’t enjoy your discounts without it

cross Use your card in a car park not participating in NCP ParkPass – check ahead on our list.


How to register (it's really easy)

Enter your Saver ID into the box at the top of the page and then do the following:

  1. Add your personal details
  2. Fill in your vehicle details
  3. Enter your payment details
  4. Enter your Saver ID and activation code
  5. Tell us which alerts will help you best manage your account
  6. Opt in to receive exclusive offers to your inbox


Full NCP ParkPass Terms and Conditions can be found here. 

Our welcome discount is only available for the first month after the date of registering. Additional discounts may be available to account holders at other times. The welcome discount, and other tailored discounts and will not apply to car park(s) where you have a Saver Deal in place as the Saver Deal rate will prevail. The welcome discount, and other tailored discounts cannot be used in conjunction with our Early Bird rates or any offer or promotion.