ParkPass App tips and user guides

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Our ParkPass App is the easy way to pay for parking across 250+ locations nationwide.

Here you’ll find some handy tips and user guides to get the best out the app including advice on registering an account, adding a SaverID and more. Select your query below to be directed to the relevant section.

Please note that motorbike riders are unable to use the ParkPass app. Existing payment methods for motorbikes are still in place.

How to register an account

  • To pay using the app you need to register an account and add your payment details. These must be a valid debit or credit card.
  • It’s simple and quick to register and it’s best to do this in the app

How to register - 1How to register - 2How to register - 3How to register - 4

Please note, we make a pending transaction of 2p to verify your payment details and identity as standard practice

This is never actually taken from your account – it will remain pending or be refunded immediately


How to enable AutoPay for a vehicle

  • AutoPay (where accepted) is the most convenient and a contact-free way to pay for parking. Experience fully automated vehicle recognition and payment when you park.
  • Car parks accepting AutoPay will show in the app either with an AutoPay icon Autopay or will be described as ‘Autopay enabled’ against the car park

Autopay - 1Autopay - 2Autopay - 3Autopay - 4Autopay - 5

How do I pay using the ParkPass App at a Pay and Display location?

  1. Register your app account including your payment details before you arrive to park
  2. Select the pay and display car park on the map screen you’re parking at and select how long you want to park for
  3. Press Pay now and your parking session will start
  4. Extend your parking remotely if you need more time. Select app main menu > Parking sessionsParkPass QR Code > Active session. Choose the ‘Extend’ button

How do I pay using the ParkPass App at a barrier location?

  1. Register your app account including your payment details before you arrive to park
  2. DO NOT push for a paper ticket when you arrive. Parking using the app is ticketless
  3. Instead, scan the QR code at the entry and exit barriers to gain access and pay for parking
  4. Payment for your stay will automatically be taken from your payment card after scanning to exit

How to add a SaverID

  • If you have a Saver Deal through your organisation, you’ll need to add a SaverID and Activation code if you have one, to your app account
  • It’s easy to do, and can be done at registration or at a later date

How to add SaverID in app as new customer

SaverID New1SaverID New2SaverID New3

How to add SaverID in app as existing customer

SaverID Existing 1SaverID Existing 2SaverID Existing 3

How to add SaverID online

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