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What is NCP ParkPass?

NCP ParkPass is the convenient way to pay for your parking.

It’s an account based payment option, designed to reward account holders with tailored offers throughout the year. To start you off, new NCP ParkPass customers get a welcome discount of at least 10% off the standard tariff rates for the first 3 months after registering. We’ll email you our additional tailored offers when they’re available, so make sure you opt in for offers and news in your account preferences so we can contact you. You can also see these tailored offers here.

 Simply register for an account and we’ll send you a card to use each time you park with us.

Save 10% with our new customer offer

All new customers signing up for an NCP ParkPass account will receive a 10% discount for 3 months after registering. The discount is valid at all participating ParkPass car parks and all of the other ParkPass account benefits are included.

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Is NCP ParkPass right for me?

There’s a few things you need to do and know before registering for NCP ParkPass.

BHX Tick Find out if NCP ParkPass is available where you want to park.

 BHX Tick Plan ahead – our cards take up to 6 days to be delivered after you register.

BHX Tick Remember, NCP ParkPass is one of many products we have. It gives you real time parking discounts for 3 months after registering, without the need to pre-book. All you have to do is turn up and use it on the day you want to park with us. You can’t use NCP ParkPass at the same time as any other product i.e. Pre-book or a Season Ticket.

BHX Tick Remember, NCP ParkPass operates using a card. You’ll need to carry this with you and use it at the car park to benefit from your discounts. It replaces the standard paper ticket.

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Why use NCP ParkPass?

ParkPass car iconTo have flexibility and save: For the first 3 months after registering you'll receive at least 10% off the standard tariff in selected NCP car parks each time you park. Just turn up and park. Find out if your chosen car park is on the listTerms and Conditions apply. 

ParkPass customer iconTicketless parking: Insert your NCP ParkPass card to enter and exit the car park instead of pushing for a paper ticket. Always remember your card when parking. You can’t enjoy your discounts without it.

ParkPass tick iconEnjoy quick, automatic cashless payments: Your ParkPass card automatically calculates the cost of your parking stay when you use it to exit the car park, debiting your registered account. No cash required, no stopping at the pay machine. You just need your card.

ParkPass card iconPersonal online account: Easy to manage online account using your mobile. Keep track of all your payments, amend your details and register up to 4 vehicles.

Who is NCP ParkPass for?

  • Anyone looking to save on their parking costs. Savings available for first 3 months after registering.
  • Existing or new NCP customers
  • Anyone with a Saver Deal

Register now in 6 simple steps. All you need is your credit card details.

Get the most out of NCP ParkPass 

Do remember to: 

BHX Tick Take your NCP ParkPass card with you every time you park (otherwise you’ll pay full tariff)
BHX Tick Insert your card at the barriers on entry and exit to get the best price
BHX Tick Ensure your NCP ParkPass account has funds to cover your parking cost

Don’t do the following:

cross Press the button or take a paper ticket at the entry barrier (otherwise you’ll pay full tariff)
cross Use your NCP ParkPass card in any payment machine
cross​ Use your card in a car park not participating in NCP ParkPass – check ahead on our list.


Terms and Conditions:

Full NCP ParkPass Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Our welcome discount is only available for the first 3 months after the date of registering. Additional discounts may be available to account holders at other times.

Please note that from 18 April 2018 new customers may only select the PAYG method of payment.

The welcome discount, and other tailored discounts and will not apply to car park(s) where you have a Saver Deal in place as the Saver Deal rate will prevail.

The welcome discount, and other tailored discounts cannot be used in conjunction with our Early Bird rates or any offer or promotion.

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