ParkPass: The easy way to park and pay

What is the ParkPass App and where can I use it?

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The ParkPass App is the easy way to park and pay.

It's an account based payment option, designed to reward account holders with the best pay-as-you-go parking prices and tailored offers and deals.

Use the ParkPass App to pay for parking at over 250 of our car parks across the UK. You can pay using the app in our Pay and Display and barrier locations, and also in our Ticketless ANPR car parks using AutoPay.

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Why register for a ParkPass App account?

  • Enjoy our Introductory offer of 10% on app payments for your first month
  • No fees or convenience charges
  • App payments are 100% ticketless meaning there’s no need to take a ticket on entry, display one while parked, carry one around with you or use one to pay
  • Remotely extend parking sessions




  • Enjoy the best pay-as-you-go parking prices including access to exclusive app only parking prices at selected locations
  • Enjoy discounted parking through our ParkPass ‘Saver Deals’ and unlock special parking rates with a ParkPass SaverID
  • Ensure a safer, contact-free parking experience

How to register and pay with the appPark Pass mobile

  1. For the best experience, register your account on the app. See our step by step registration guide.
  2. If you already have an existing ParkPass Card account, you must register a new account on the ParkPass App. Please don’t try and login using your existing card account login details. They won’t be recognised or accepted as the app uses a different system to the card.
  3. A restricted online registration is available here.
  4. Paying is easy using the app. See our helpful guides on paying with the app.

Download on the App Store    Get it on Google Play   

Register / Login to App account

ParkPass Saver Deals

A Saver Deal is a special parking rate we've created in agreement with organisations for their members/employees or sometimes as promotions for public use. They have their own terms and conditions e.g. valid until end of December at car park "x" only.

To enjoy a Saver Deal you need to activate a SaverID (and Activation code if relevant) which will be specific to the Saver Deal. Activate the SaverID by adding it to your app account at registration or via the app menu. You need to add your SaverID before you enter the car park / pay for your parking to enjoy your Saver Deal price on that visit.

More useful information about adding a SaverID can be found in our guide here.