Free parking with your ParkPass App

Free NCP Parkpass parking

Here’s a free day parking on us as a thank you for using your ParkPass when you’ve parked with us.

  • Enjoy one day of free parking on us – see how below
  • Park for a trip into town shopping, or use it for your commute
  • Plan ahead and get in early to make the most of your free day. You’ll have the whole day free, that you activate your SaverID on and will need to be out the car park by 23:59 on that day
  • Use at any NCP car park where ParkPass App is accepted

This offer works using a countdown promotion code – which we call a SaverID – that you need to add to a ParkPass App account. Once added, your time to use the SaverID counts down for the rest of that day, after which it expires. Please keep a note of when you added the SaverID so you know how long you have until the code and your discounted parking period ends.

How to activate and use the offer

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  1. Download our ParkPass App and register for an account, if you don’t have one
  2. Add SaverID ‘FREE2’ to your app account which activates the SaverID
  3. You must do this on the day you want to start using the offer – it will expire at the end of the promotional period
  4. You must add the SaverID before you arrive to park
  5. Pay using the app and we’ll discount your parking automatically

See our guides on adding SaverIDs and paying with the ParkPass App at different car parks.

The offer ends on 31 August 2021 so remember to make use of it before then. More information on the ParkPass App can be found in our online Help Centre.

Frequently asked questions

How do I activate the SaverID?

The SaverID is activated when it’s added to a ParkPass App account. This can be done in the app or online once logged into your account. See more in our SaverID guide.

I have a ParkPass Card account. Can I add these SaverIDs to this and get free parking?

These SaverIDs are not valid on the ParkPass Card system, so they will not provide you with free parking. Please use the ParkPass App to redeem the offer.

How long do I have to use the SaverID?

Each SaverID will have a lifetime of 7 days from when it’s added to your app account, after which it will expire. Your available time to enjoy the offer counts down on the day you’ve added the SaverID. Please only add the SaverID on the day you want to start the offer.

Why won’t the SaverID I was sent work?

It may have expired or may not be valid at your chosen car park. Please check the terms of the offer and that the car park accepts ParkPass App as a means of payment.

I’ve taken a paper ticket on entering a barrier car park, but I’ve added the SaverID to my app account. Can I get the free parking offer?

No. You have to use your ParkPass App to enter and exit a barrier car park by scanning your QR code at the barrier. Once you take a paper ticket you’ll have to pay using the ticket at the pay machine.

I can’t add two SaverID’s to my app, what’s the problem?

The app will allow a maximum of two SaverIDs at one time, so your app may be at the SaverID limit.  You can remove any unwanted SaverIDs to make room for new ones in the app. Please note if you remove the 10% Introductory discount SaverID, you won’t be able to re-add this one. See more in our SaverID guide.


Terms & Conditions

  • Customers must be registered for the ParkPass App and use their ParkPass App to enter and exit the car park or pay for parking, to qualify for this offer
  • The SaverID FREE2 must be added to your ParkPass App account on the day you want to start using the offer, before arriving to park
  • Once activated, the tariff applicable will be discounted by 100% (i.e. no charge) for the day the SaverID is activated. Any visit going into the next day (after 23:59) will be subject to further charge
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can visit during the one free day promotional period. The SaverID is a one time use code.
  • This offer applies to new parking stays at selected car parks before the 1 September 2021 and cannot be applied retrospectively to vehicles parked in our car parks prior to this date and cannot be applied retrospectively to vehicles parked in our car parks prior to this date
  • This offer is only available at NCP ParkPass App car parks 
  • A limit of two SaverID’s can be held in your app account at any one time
  • For the first month after registration, your introductory discount will take one of these two SaverID spaces
  • The app will offer you the best price for each parking time band where you want to park, taking into account all the SaverIDs you have activated on your account
  • You can manage your SaverID’s easily on the app. Go to the main app menu, and select SaverID
  • Limited offer and subject to availability
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or products including Pre-book
  • Car park terms and conditions apply. Full terms can be found on the NCP website

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