Cashless Parking

At NCP we have moved payment options in some of our car parks towards being cashless. This means you won’t be able to pay for your parking using cash – all coins and notes – at some locations, while at others, there will be fewer machines accepting cash. We’ll continue to offer other convenient ways to pay using credit/debit cards or your mobile phone, but coins and notes will not be as widely accepted.

Cashless parking

This move is in response to wider changes in the way our customers pay for parking at our car parks. The growth of cashless payment options has increased over the past few years and our aim is to provide a customer experience which reflects these trends. Cashless payment options are fast, secure and mean you won’t need to worry about having cash on you when parking with us.

Cashless car parks as of 28 January 2020

Car Park  Cashless  Reduced cash machines
Birmingham Horsefair BHX Tick  
Birmingham Newhall Street BHX Tick  
Bradford Southgate BHX Tick  
Bristol Prince Street BHX Tick  
Cardiff Greyfriars BHX Tick  
Cardiff Pellett Street BHX Tick  
Chatham Rhode Street BHX Tick  
Grantham Station Car Park 1 BHX Tick  
Horley Station BHX Tick  
Ipswich Portman Road BHX Tick  
Leeds Wellington Place BHX Tick  
Leicester East Street BHX Tick  
Leicester Rutland Centre BHX Tick  
London Brewer Street BHX Tick  
London Brunswick Square BHX Tick  
London Bridge BHX Tick  
London Covent Garden BHX Tick  
London Cadogan Place BHX Tick  
London Docklands Cross Harbour BHX Tick  
London Finsbury Square BHX Tick  
London Grosvenor Hill BHX Tick  
London Maida Vale BHX Tick  
London Portman Square - Hyde Park BHX Tick  
London Richmond Station BHX Tick  
London Saffron Hill BHX Tick  
London Victoria BHX Tick  
London Vintry Thames Exchange BHX Tick  
Newark Northgate Railway Station BHX Tick  
Nottingham Stoney Street BHX Tick  
Nuneaton Newdegate Street BHX Tick  
Sheffield Blonk Street BHX Tick  
Sheffield Campo Lane BHX Tick  
York Station South BHX Tick  

We offer a range of cashless payment options in our car parks. When parking with us, look out for signage at the car park detailing which methods are on offer at that location.

Card payments and contactless card payments will be the most available way to pay. This will include using your card via chip and pin or tapping to use a contactless payment where possible.

Mobile payment apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and other methods using a similar tap to pay method as contactless cards. 

Parking mobile payment apps such as PayByPhone allow to pay for your parking without having to use one of our payment machines. You’ll need to register with PayByPhone and provide them with your registration, card details and a location code (which can be found on signage around the car park) before paying.

NCP ParkPass App is our mobile app payment option. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can use it to pay at over 250 participating car parks and your account is automatically charged for your parking meaning you can save time by not having to go to the payment machine.

Existing cashless car parks

Car Park  Cashless  Reduced cash machines
Ashford County Square   BHX Tick
Belfast Dublin Road   BHX Tick
Birmingham New Street   BHX Tick
Boston Market Place   BHX Tick
Bournemouth Terrace Road BHX Tick  
Bournemouth The Square BHX Tick  
Bradford Hall Ings   BHX Tick
Bradford Southgate   BHX Tick
Clacton Jackson Road   BHX Tick
Crawley Boulevard East   BHX Tick
Crawley Boulevard West   BHX Tick
Crawley Kingsgate   BHX Tick
Derby Siddals Road BHX Tick  
Derby St Peters Courtyard   BHX Tick
Derby St Peters Quarter   BHX Tick
Doncaster Odeon   BHX Tick
Dundee Willison   BHX Tick
Eastbourne Trinity Place   BHX Tick
Edinburgh Castle Terrace   BHX Tick
Edinburgh Holyrood Road   BHX Tick
Epsom Ebbisham Centre   BHX Tick
Exeter Market Street   BHX Tick
Glasgow George Street   BHX Tick
Glasgow Mitchell Street   BHX Tick
Glasgow Central Station   BHX Tick
Glasgow The Glasshouse   BHX Tick
Grantham Station Car Park 2 BHX Tick  
Hemel Hempstead Hillfield Road BHX Tick  
Ipswich Blackfriars    BHX Tick
Ipswich Tacket Street   BHX Tick
Leeds The Core   BHX Tick
Leeds The Markets   BHX Tick
Leicester Abbey Street   BHX Tick
Leicester Lee Circle   BHX Tick
Leicester Rutland Centre P&D   BHX Tick
Leicester St Nicholas Circle   BHX Tick
Lewes Eastgate   BHX Tick
Lincoln High Street   BHX Tick
Lincoln Motherby Lane   BHX Tick
Lincoln Steep Hill   BHX Tick
Liverpool Primrose Hill BHX Tick  
Liverpool Tithebarn Street BHX Tick  
Luton Old Court   BHX Tick
Luton Regent Street   BHX Tick
Milton Keynes thecentre:mk 2   BHX Tick
Newcastle Carliol Square   BHX Tick
Norwich St Stephens Street   BHX Tick
Nottingham Mount Street   BHX Tick
Nottingham Huntingdon Street   BHX Tick
Nottingham Maid Marian Way   BHX Tick
Nottingham St James Street   BHX Tick
Nuneaton Newdegate Street BHX Tick  
Sheffield Arundel Gate   BHX Tick
Sheffield Furnival Gate   BHX Tick
Sheffield Hartshead Square BHX Tick  
Sheffield Wellington Street   BHX Tick
Southampton Portland Terrace BHX Tick  
Southend Central Station BHX Tick  
Stratford on Avon Rother Street   BHX Tick
Truro Highcross   BHX Tick
Walsall Old Square BHX Tick  
Wandsworth Southside 1 BHX Tick  
Wandsworth Southside 2 BHX Tick  
Wolverhampton Wulfrun Centre   BHX Tick

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