Why is Secure-a-Spot service closing down?

NCP took over the operations of Secure Parking UK in June 2019 and the following car parks are part of this change.

  • Belfast The Tannery
  • Liverpool Capital
  • London Bloomsbury Square
  • London Thomas More
  • London Marylebone Road

As part on NCP's investment activity, changes are being made to on-site equipment from 14 September to 24 September. The new equipment doesn't work with the Secure-a-Spot website, and NCP's Pre-book website will be used with the new equipment instead.

This means that when the new equipment is launched in the car parks, Secure-a-Spot will close for that car park, being replaced with NCP Pre-book.

These car parks may have Secure Parking signage on the exterior of the building until the end of 2020, but we're working to resolve this.