Best prices with ParkPass App FAQs

Find out more about using our ParkPass App to get the best parking rates using our frequently asked questions below:

Where can I get the best prices using the ParkPass App?

What rates are changing?

From February, we’ll be offering our best tariff rates at some of car parks through the ParkPass App only. To begin with, this will mainly apply to an Early Bird rate at these locations, but may also include other pricing bands as well. When using the ParkPass App to pay, the corresponding price bands will be cheaper than the tariff board.


Which sites are affected and how?

Best Early Bird rates available paying with ParkPass App

  • Aberdeen Shiprow
  • Birmingham High Street
  • Cardiff Westgate Street
  • Ipswich Blackfriars
  • Leicester Granby Halls
  • Lincoln High Street
  • Sheffield Furnival Gate

New Early Bird product available on ParkPass App only

  • Salford Stanley Street
  • Salford New Bailey

Best rates for all lengths of stay available paying with ParkPass App

  • Birmingham Gough Street
  • Epsom High Street
  • Epsom The Ebbisham Centre
  • Ipswich Burrell Road
  • Lincoln Brayford Street
  • Lincoln Central
  • Lincoln Motherby Lane
  • Lincoln St Rumbold Street
  • Lincoln Steep Hill
  • London Docklands Cross Harbour
  • Stoke Sampson Street
  • Nottingham Maid Marian Way

How do I get the best prices?

Do I need to have the ParkPass App downloaded to get the cheaper prices?

Yes. You need to download the app and register for an account ahead of arriving at the car park when you want to park. This will save you time when you arrive at the car park, but importantly, at barrier sites, you’ll need to scan your QR code at entry and exit. The QR code is only applied and activated on your ParkPass account after you’ve added your payment details.


Do I get the 10% introductory offer as well as the cheaper prices?

Yes. We’ll give you the cheaper prices and 10% off these as well while your introductory offer is valid.

For the selected sites outlined, you’ll get the cheaper price which will be shown on the app for that location. When you go to pay for parking on the app, you’ll see a message letting you know that your introductory offer is valid and the new price applying the 10% discount.

Can I get the cheaper prices using my ParkPass Card or Saver ID?

Can I use my ParkPass Card to get these cheaper prices?

No, the prices are exclusively available on the ParkPass App. Using the card will mean you pay the standard prices displayed on the tariff board.


I have a Saver Deal at the car park. Is this affected in any way?

No. you’ll continue to enjoy your Saver rate via your ParkPass card.  Any changes to the tariff will apply to the standard tariff board.

Why do I have to use the app to get the cheaper rate?

I don’t have a mobile which can download the ParkPass App. Can I get the cheaper rates?

The only way to get the cheaper prices is to pay for parking using the ParkPass App.


Why are you making the tariff board more expensive?

We’ve launched the ParkPass App in response to market trends and customers asking for a simple mobile payment solution. By allowing customers to pay using an App we’re able to keep prices low as the cost of processing payments online is much cheaper than in car park payments.  The app offers a  quicker way to pay for the customer and is also better for the environment – it’s a ticketless payment which means less cash collections our sites. 

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