Do I have to pay for Disabled parking?

In most of our car parks, Blue Badge Holders are required to pay the standard charges as advertised in the car park. However, in many car parks, there will be designated spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders only. Where possible, these are at convenient access points to and from the car park e.g. near the lifts or pedestrian entrances.

Please ensure your badge is clearly displayed on your dashboard at all times when parked.

Some car parks we operate provide free parking for Blue Badge Holders, but please read the following conditions:

  • London Underground Station car parks

Parking is free for Blue Badge holders but only when using a disabled bay. If the disabled bays are full and you park in a regular bay, the regular tariff and rules applies. If you’re parking in a disabled bay at one of the London Underground station car parks that operate an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, you must ensure that you go to the payment machine and register your vehicle under the Blue Badge option by following the instructions on the machine.

  • Greater Anglia and C2C station car parks

Parking is also free for Blue Badge Holders at any of our Greater Anglia (GA) or C2C Station car parks. Please register your disabled badge here. If you’re unable to find a vacant disabled bay, you can park in any of the standard bays within the car park.